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Artist books and Risograph printing since 2016.

Hverdag = Everyday

Jessica Williams has been self-publishing since 2003 and was the force behind the small artist press North, South, East, West – NSEW for short – (2011 - 2014).

Orders ship within 72 hours unless otherwise notified. Secure payments through Paypal. Local orders can be picked up in Oslo (Tøyen).

For larger orders, wholesale and commission, please get in touch.

Risograph Printing

We offer affordable Risograph printing on Scandinavia's tiniest and only CV3230.

This Risograph prints on max A3 paper with a max print size of B4:

In five colors (chart from stencil.wiki):

Uncoated paper between 50 - 160 gsm works best. Thicker papers can also be carefully fed through for small editions. The Risograph's straight paper feed is what lets it print on such a big variety of stocks.

Risograph inks are semi-translucent and blend well. This means quite many colors can be produced from just the three primaries, green and black. Think of it like silkscreen or painting. In the pictures below, each print is actually made of 2-3 separate layers of ink.

A fair warning: registration does not always go as planned with this machine, so get ready to embrace it or design around it!

Never worked with Riso before? I can give you tips via email for setting up your file or do it all for you starting at 1000kr depending on the size of the project.

In addition to the Riso, the following tools are available for use in the same studio:

Heavy duty A3 paper guillotine Epson 11000XL A3+ scanner Long-reach and high-capacity staplers
Various hand-binding tools OKI laser printer for proofing 1" button machine

Hungry for more? Hverdag Books is proud to be a founding member of Norsk Risoforeningen (The Norwegian Risograph Society). Check out our website here.

Finally, it is also possible to rent out the machine / organize courses. Though despite its small size, the Risograph weighs just under 70kg and currently resides in a studio up five flights of stairs.

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